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Olives – £2.95

Vegetarian Pan Mixto – £3.50
A selection of breads served with hummus & olive oilsVegetarian Garlic Bread
Plain – £3.50
Cheese – £3.95
Tomato – £3.75

Vegetarian Bruschetta – £3.95 Toasted ciabbatta topped with vine tomato, basil & olive oil Antipasto – £7.95 A selection of cured meats and cheeses – perfect for 2 people


Paella de Mariscos – £10.95 pp With mixed seafoodPaella de Carne – £8.95 pp With chicken and chorizoVegetarian Paella – £7.95 pp With seasonal vegetables


alcohol Bitoque – £10.95 Rump steak served with rice, fries, salad & fried eggVegetarian Spigola con Gaberoni – £11.95 Seabass filet topped with fried garlic tomato & prawns.
Served with garlic potatoes

Vegetarian Hunters Chicken – £9.95 Tender chicken breast topped with Parma ham, cheese and
barbeque sauce.
Served with chips and salad

alcohol TAPAZ Burger – £7.50 1/4 pounder beef burger topped with Parma ham & cheese.
Served on a toasted bun with salad & fries
Vegetarian Lamb Shank – £10.95 Slow roasted lamb shank served with garlic potatoes,
mixed vegetables and mint gravy

Vegetarian Penne con Verduras – £7.50 Penne pasta and mixed vegetables tossed in garlic and olive oil

Tapas Menu


Vegetarian Albondigas En Salsa De Tomate – £4.95 Tender beef meatballs in a tasty basil & tomato sauceVegetarian Costillas De Cerdo – £4.95alcohol Juicy pork ribs baked in a tasty bbq sauceVegetarian Alitas de Pollo – £4.95 Chicken wings roasted in a homemade peri-peri sauceVegetarian Cazuela De Cordero – £5.95 A tender lamb casserole baked with seasonal vegetables & potatoesVegetarian Chicken Bastilla – £5.95 Shredded chicken in crispy pastry, topped with cinnamon & sugarGluten Free Chorizo Al Vino – £4.85
alcohol Spanish sausage sautéed with red onions & red wine alcohol Lasagne – £5.95 Traditional Italian classic

Vegetarian Polo Empanado – £4.75 Chicken strips fried in a cumin infused breadcrumbs

alcohol Penne Bolognese – £5.50 Penne pasta in a traditional Bolognese sauce

alcohol Pate Fegatini di Pollo – £5.50 Smooth chicken liver pate served with warm toasted bread


Vegetarian Feta & Spinach Cannelloni – £5.25 Creamy feta cheese & spinach cannelloni wrapped in a pancakeVegetarian Feta and Spinach Briwat – £4.95 Moroccan wrap stuffed with creamy feta and spinachVegetarian Tortilla Espanola £4.50 Traditional Spanish omelette

Vegetarian Penne Napoli £4.75 Penne pasta tossed in a rich tomato and basil sauce

Garlic Mushrooms £4.25 Button mushrooms baked with garlic sauce


V Bacalao Frito – £5.95 V Tender white fish in herb breadcrumbs served with tartar sauce V Calamares Fritos – £4.95 V Squid rings in a light batter served with tangy tartar sauce V Salada de Polvo – £5.25 V Traditional Portuguese octopus’s salad

V Salmon & Prawn Fishcakes – £5.95 V Scottish salmon & prawn fishcakes presented with a sweet chilli dip V Boquerones Fritos £4.95 V Small fish in crisp breadcrumbs fried to perfection with a garlic dip

V Gambas Garbardina – £6.50 King prawns in a light in a batter with garlic aioliVegetarian Langostinos la Ajillo – £6.25 King prawns baked with paprika, chilli, garlic and lemon

An additional £1.00 per prawns portion ordered on the buffet


 Ensalada Mixta – £3.25 A simple and fresh salad Ensalada Griega – £4.50 Traditional Greek salad of feta, olives & tomato  Patatas Pobres – £4.25 Fried potatoes with garlic & oregano Patatas Bravas – £4.50 Fried potatoes with a spicy Spanish tomato sauce Skinny Chips – £3.25

 Spiced Gammon Salad – £5.50
Mixed salad topped with chunks of tender spiced gammon

 Caesar Salad – £4.25
Traditional Caesar salad

Allergy information

Some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts, please ask a member of staff for
full details.

Suitable for vegetarians
Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten free
alcohol Alcohol

Service charge not included.

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